Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey Parish Council

Devon and Cornwall Alert is a two-way community messaging system operated by Devon and Cornwall Police.
Devon and Cornwall Alert helps us to connect with our communities.  it tells you what is happening in your area and allows you to respond directly with information for the police.
Chose what information you receive...                                                    

                                                                                                          When, how and who from
                                                                                               Specify what time of day messages will arrive  
Anti-social behaviour                                                                        Email, text or telephone
Witness appeals                                                                               Police, Action Fraud, Crimestoppers, Neighbourhood Watch
Missing person appeals                                                                    Free:  no contract, cost or obligation
Community events                                                                            Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
Local good news                                                                                Register online at alerts.dc.police.uk

There is a defibrillator in each Ward of Horwood Lovacott and Newton Tracey which are checked on a monthly basis with the report sent to South West Ambulance Service Trust.
The location of the defibrillators, which are the type to talk the user through the procedure is as follows:
Newton Tracey.  The Hunters Inn porch.  B3232.  EX31 3PL.
Lovacott.            On the wall of the Primary School, Lovacott School Cross.  EX31 3PU.
Horwood.           Behind the boundary wall near the lych gate.  EX39 4PD.

The defibrillators are in a cabinet and the Code to unlock each cabinet is 0000.


▪    Go to new.devon.gov.uk

▪    Click on ‘Roads and Transport/ button (4th from left on second row of icons)

▪    Scroll down and click on ‘Report a highways problem’

▪    The next page will give various options.  In the case of roads, click on pothole, flooding/blocked drains whatever the problem is.

▪    Scroll down and click on ‘Continue’

▪    If an error message comes up, click the ‘X’ in the box and you will be left with a map of Devon

▪    Drag the map to the area you wish to report.  It is possible that an error message will continue to come up and you need to keep clicking the X in the box.  Click on the area of road to be reported. It may be necessary for you to click twice on the area.

▪    The next page will give the opportunity of describing the problem.  Then click ‘Next’.  There will be the opportunity of providing a photograph.  If you do not have this, click ‘Next’.

▪    The next page invites you to give your contact details.  If you do not wish to give these, click ‘Submit’

▪    The next page will give a reference number and it is suggested you make a note of this to quote if the work has not been done.    You will receive an email with the reference number and description of the fault you have reported.

▪    The contact details for DCC Highways are:  email:  csc.roads@devon.gov.uk or telephone 0845 155 1004.

Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey are three Wards which make up the Parish Council.

The villages are situated within the North Devon Council Local Authority area.


Newton Tracey historically formed part of Fremington Hundred and close by at SS5326 is the site of a Roman fort,

marching camp or signal station.

The B3232 runs through Newton Tracey from Barnstaple to Torrington.
It has a Church and a public house.


Lovacott, less than a mile from Newton Tracey has a Primary School, Village Hall, Nursery, Gospel Hall and Garage.
The Mobile Library van calls on a monthly basis.


Horwood is three miles North East of Bideford and its Church is dedicated to St Michael. 

All three villages have a Parish Council notice board.

    The population of the three villages as at the end of 2015 was as follows:
    Horwood  98
    Lovacott 166
    Newton Tracey  129